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Employee forms

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Time Card

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Sick Leave Policy

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  • The best way to submit your time card is via the Blue Sky App.

  • Sunday at 0800 following the pay period. (i.e. if the pay period runs 10/2-10/8, time cards are due on 10/9 by 0800.)

  • Our payroll software, ADP, will send you an email when you are onboarded. You will be able to see your pay stubs through this software.

  • Our pay periods run every Sunday-Saturday, with a payday every following Tuesday. (i.e. if you work from 10/2-10/8 you will be paid on 10/18)

  • Whether or not you receive holiday pay does depend on the facility you work at. However, most facilities recognize the following holidays:

    New Years Day

    Memorial Day

    Independence Day

    Labor Day

    Thanksgiving Day

    Christmas Day

  • When you have had to cancel a shift due to an illness, you may submit the “sick pay form” to request payment for lost time. To do this, fill out the sick pay form from our website and submit it to, just like a time card.